Monday, August 08, 2011

I have been stitching

I just haven't been posting. Stress and taking time off from online to stitch more.
I stitched all last week on HAED QS Fragile Heart and have quite a bit done.
Tonight I pulled out a Crazy January Challenge piece and finished it. Stitchy Kitty Easter Egg Paw fob.
 Stitchy Kitty Easter Egg Paw fob
28 ct light green
1/13/11 - 8/8/11

I also watched a bit of TV tonight.
General Hospital
last night's episode of True Blood 
movie- The Last Song, forgot it was based from a Nicholas Spark's book and didn't have the kleenex ready.

Sorry I haven't been reading your blogs. I am taking this month off from blog reading and doing other things online so that I can spend some more time stitching. I had told myself in May, when the TV season ended that I would watch at least 5 movies a week and listen to 1 audiobook a week. Well nada, it hasn't happened so I am TRYING to do that this month and maybe parts of September, til the new season starts. So I am not ignoring you at all and if you read my blog and leave comments it does mean the world to me and puts a smile on my face, but you don't have to.
I have had a lot of stress the last 2 weeks and I go on vacation on the 20th to Canada, to stay at a stitching friend's house. She doesn't have kids or a husband so a week of uninterrupted stitching. I can not wait!!!


Jackie said...

I can certainly understand taking time away from the computer. A weekend with a friend stitching sounds like a great time. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

That Canadian vacation sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

Beth said...

Yep, I understand stress - sorry you have so much of it. What a wonderful vacation sitting and stitching with a friend for a week. Sounds like heaven to me!

And you certainly did get a ton of work done on Fragile Heart - she is looking mighty fine!

Vikki said...

You've been making great progress. I'm sure you'll catch up on your blog reading later. Have fun in Canada!

SoCal Debbie said...

The Easter Egg Paw is so cute! Congrats on a CJC finish. I forgot to watch True Blood; thanks for the reminder! Your Canadian stitching retreat sounds wonderful. Happy Stitching!

ArchangelDecker said...

Your Fragile Heart is coming along so nicely! She's so pretty. :)

Lana said...

Way to get your stitch on!!!! I'm right there with yah on the whole cutting out computer junk for things I love!! Both pieces look great!!!

Meari said...

Nice stitching!