Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Page 4 QS Fragile Heart finished

I finished page 4 last week.
I can't wait to fit her in my 2012 rotation.

Tonight's progress on SK Rapunzel.
I did finish 2 blocks and started a 3rd. I will stitch on this all week. Then starting January 1 I will be doing a Crazy January Challenge with 15 new starts January 1 -15. They are all Halloween pieces.

Tonight I watched General Hospital and then Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage. It seems like every year when this is on, it coincides with something else I am watching. I DVrd it so I could watch it when I wanted to. Loved it!

I am getting ready to settle down with the book I am reading. The Finishing School by Muriel Spark.

We are in for some winter weather tomorrow and a warning for Lake Effect snow. Stay safe and warm everyone.


Beth Pearce said...

Great progress on Fragile!

You stay safe tomorrow. We have a possiblity of ice on the road overnight, so I am planning to start up to Louisville a little later than usual.

Can't wait to see all the Halloween pieces you have picked.

Anonymous said...

Yuck on the weather! love your fragile hearts!
I had to start a new blog cause mine got screwed up so bad I could'nt fix it!! it's called the Slow Stitcher

Veronica said...

Congrats on finishing page 4. Fragile Heart is coming along beautifully. Good progress on Rapunzel too.


cucki said...

well done on finishing the page 4..fragile heart is looking so cute..
keep well..love for you hugs cucki xx

Sweet Sue said...

Wishing you a belated Merry Christmas Shelleen, and blissful stitches in 2012!

Keep warm, brrrrrrrrr.....

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow your BAPs look fantastic!