Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tuesday's stitches

I am trying to get back into an exercise routine. If I am busy reading things online and I get home later than usual then I walk, march in place and do other exercises while watching General Hospital. If I get out of work early or it's not a busy evening then I will work out with a Wii game or a walking DVD. This works for me and I am sore but it is a good thing.
So tonight while doing my exercising, my cat, Molly decided to keep batting her toy mouse under my feet lol.

I sat down and stitched more on HAED SK Sunny and am enjoying the colors in her.

Today I also got to read more of Eleventh Hour by Catherin Coulter and I am on the last CD of Play Dirty by Sandra Brown. They are both really good.

Tonight I watched:
General Hospital
Live with Kelly - 2 episodes

Justin(DS#1) and I plan on going to the movies tomorrow. Trying to decide what we want to see.

Thank you everyone for reading and leaving comments.


Anonymous said...


Your Haed WIP is looking beautiful.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Very nice progress - glad to see her face taking shape! Those eyes are so piercing!

Faith... said...

Sunny looks wonderful!

Beth Pearce said...

Good exercise plan! Saw Dr on Monday and he says I must go back to Pulmonary Therapy - whoo hoo. So I also need to get the Wii back out. At Christmas both the Wii at our house and the one here at Lisa's got disconnected because of new tvs. Well, they have never been reconnected - I guess I will just have to insist - LOL!

Mary Ivancicts said...

your HEAD is coming right along!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your HAED is looking great!

Good for you coming up with an exercise regime that works for YOU that is so important! Last night I've managed to hurt both of me feet and I'm disappointed because I'm off of work next week and was really looking forward to get some running in! Especially with the warmer temps I was looking forward to ditching the treadmill and hitting the roads!

Gems said...

Your stitching is coming along fantastically, the colours are really stunning

Gem x