Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunny is moving along

I have been stitching on her all week and moving along. Page 2 is almost complete. About 2 more weeks. Page 3 is a full page but most of it has large blocked areas of 1 color and not alot of confetti.
HAED SK Sunny:

Today is a sad day in the entertainment business. Dick Clark has passed away, at the age of 82, from a massive hear attack. You will be missed!

Today I listened to quite a few chapters of Blow Out by Catherine Coulter. It is hard to turn off.

Today I broke down and ordered from Fire Mountain Beads as I want to make a few of these bracelets.

I love bracelets so I want to make a lot of them and sell them plus my scissor fobs. Trying to use up what beads I have so I can get better quality beads.

My cat, Ruby, is doing a lot better. She has an upper respiratory infection but her lungs are clear. Scott and Dylan took her to the vet yesterday. She is on antibiotics. Plus I have had her locked in my bedroom at night, with me, and the vaporizer going. Today she is perky and playful and getting into trouble. She even asked for food and she hasn't eaten much in a few days. Thanks for all the concerns.

Today's movie was The Rite, it was ok and based on a true story.  I also watched Live With Kelly! and General Hospital. Also tonight was Revenge, very good.

Time to go to bed, 6am comes to quickly lol.


milly said...


Those bracelets are lovely!

Your Sunny is looking great!

So glad Ruby is feeling better.

Miamina said...

Sunny is looking great, you are making great progress, keep it up!

Sally said...

Sunny is looking gorgeous.

Glad Ruby is feeling better.

Meari said...

Sunny looks really good, Shelleen. Hope Ruby gets healthy soon. I think I've seen The Rite. It was a good movie.

BeckySC said...

She's looking great, Shell :)

The Crafty Princess said...

I love your progress on Sunny. Beautiful stitching. I'm glad Ruby's health is improving. Poor putty tat!

Vickie said...

Stitching looks GREAT! I was so shocked to hear about Dick Clark.