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Book Review: My Christmas Darling by Vivien Mayfair

My Christmas Darling

Escape to snow-blanketed Manhattan in December where chestnuts roast on street vendor carts, visitors ice skate under the stars, Santa roams Times Square in a sleigh, and storefronts brim with twinkle lights. Let Christmas warm you all year round in this sweet, wholesome, holiday romance that is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Christmas has come to New York, but it doesn’t feel very festive for Lucy Carpenter. Single, disgruntled in love from past hurts, she disappears into the world of books as a manuscript reader for a mid-level publishing company on the East Side. Plagued with guilt for a mistake that took her mom’s eyesight, Lucy dreams of achieving financial success despite growing medical bills and unpaid rent. Her only hope of survival is to publish her little Christmas novel despite repeat rejections by big publishers. When her boss requests her publishing recommendations for the month, Lucy submits her manuscript under a false identity against strict company guidelines in what becomes the great holiday literary hoax of Manhattan where lies spin out of control and stockings are filled with coal.

Known as the ice fish of Big Apple Books, William Harcourt longs for acceptance from a nitpicky father who rules the publishing industry with an iron fist. When a sweet Christmas manuscript about a father and daughter in a fictional book town crosses his desk, he believes it to be the ticket that will bring his company into the Top Five and finally gain him his father’s love. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love over email with an enchanting mystery author whose book thawed his wounded heart and opened his eyes to the true meaning of self-acceptance and self-love. My Christmas Darling is a heartwarming holiday romance to remind us why we love Christmas. This adorable love story draws you in fireside and proves how the spirt of the season goes beyond pretty-wrapped packages under a tree.

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                           MY REVIEW:

My Christmas DarlingMy Christmas Darling by Vivien Mayfair
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Lucy lives in NY and it is getting close to Christmas. She works for a book publishing company and reads manuscripts to see what the publishing company should pick up to publish. Her boss is not happy with what she she has chosen and given to him. He wants something different and wants the company to be in the top 5 publishing field. So she does a no no and submits the manuscript she wrote. It had been declined from all other publishing companies and even her ex says it is a piece of fluff and junk. So she hurries up and changes the name on the manuscript and hands it in. Lo and behold her boss loves it!!! Now Lucy is stuck. She blames herself for an accident that made her mom blond and is looking for financial freedom to giver her mom everything that she needs.
Her boss , William Harcourt can never please his dad and is always in competition to win his dad's approval. His dad is part of one of the top 5 publishing companies.
William starts emailing with Lucy but he thinks she is someone else and really falls for her and what the true meaning of Christmas is. But what happens when he finds out the truth? And will her book not be allowed to be published? Read it to find out :-)
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