Thursday, June 08, 2006


First I want to say a big thank you to those who read my blog and leave comments. it is nice to know that people are reading my blog. I haven't said thank you in a long time :-)

DS#2 had his lasy baseball game last night so sports is now over til the fall. DS#1 plays soccer in the fall.

DS#1 got his learners permit the end of March. he drove and hated it. Well last week he gave it another shot and liked it much better, thank god. he has signed up for drivers ed this summer so i will be busy driving him to school every morning. This should also give him more confidence. He has been looking at cars to buy LOL.

I finished stitching A Year Full Of happy May block but no pic yet.

I am also reading Impossible by Danielle Steel and enjoying it.

Today I plan on watching DVR shows and will be stitching on LK May Stamp.


Lelia said...

Oh, the driving around is totally wacky. I'm so glad SOMEBODY else knows what it is like. I have a schedule on the refrigerator & when pick-up/drop-off overlap ... well, it is a hassle.

Youngest is in Summer Theatre - middle son works at a retirement community - oldest works at Subway. And I drive them all over the place : )

oldest drives, but cannot afford a car. So, we "share". With the gas prices - it is a nightmare at the pumps!! LOL Enjoy the day

Jade said...

Welcome back, Shelleen! I missed your posts. I eagerly await your pictures and further news!

Von said...

We'll be going through the driver training hassle again in about six months. Ugh!!

~Harsha~ said...

oh sweetie.. I just finished Impossible! Its a lovely book.. and my family calls me Sasha! LOL..

Meari said...

Now that's a switch... a boy not liking driving! I'm glad he's coming around, though. Hopefully, he won't make you loose all your hair... LOL