Monday, July 17, 2006

catching up and lots of pics

I have pics of when I dyed my hair. I wanted a deep burgundy but it came out neon red. This is the day that I did it 12/26/05. My parents called me right afterwards and asked me to come to their house. I forgot to warn them that i did this to my hair. My dad took pics and the quotes under each is what my dad wrote on the back of the pics. Also the tshirt is my 14 year old son's shirt which he thought would go with my hair. I have no idea why this shirt fit me as he is a skinny thing.

" And the next time I'm at that hair dressers!*--!!!!!"

"So I told that bitch I hadn't colored my hair before and this is what I got! "
Snow Forest Evening stocking 7/16/06
"Bad hair day"
This is one of my cats, Rascal. This is pretty much how we find him asleep in the house. Isn't he adorable :-)

Well I have been sitting in an a/c room since we have been in the 90s and humid. Stitching on an exchange, watching TV and readin the last 3 books of J.D. Robb's In Death books.

DS#1 has started Drivers Ed. He has class Mon-Thur 8am-9. Then drives Mon & Wed 11am-1pm. DS#2 is working at the gas station so I have had to drive him as well. This is a busy summer. We had a graduation party last Saturday, congrats to Tanya. This Saturday is a pig roast with family. I have a cousin getting married this saturday. The wedding is taking place in Colorado. Alot of the family members are going but there is a few of us that can't make it. So congrats to Dennis and Cheri :-)


Meari said...

Wow, Shelleen! That *is* some red hair you had going on. Your kitty looks so cute sprawled out like that. :-)

lisa cline said...

Rascal looks like our Oreo. Hmmmm what colors are Oreo??? Your hair "rocks"! Love the captions.

Janice said...

Love the red!! That is a popular color ya' know~! lol Sweet Kitty! He looks like our new fur baby!

Mary said...

When you said RED it it RED! I love red hair, mine is red but not as red as yours! What color do you have now?

Anonymous said...

Shelleen.....I cracked up over the comments your dad had under the pictures of you with your "red" hair. He must have one fun sense of humor. And the teeshirt was perfect, seems your son has inherited his granddad's sense of humor. Loved the cat, so sweet. My Heidi sleeps that way too.
Thanks for the fun sharing.

Vikki said...

OMG That really is BRIGHT!! could do white stripes for candy canes for Christmas! LOL


Carol said...

Oh Shelleen! Those hair pics are just too funny!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't been around - Blogrolling doesn't seem to update your blog - strange??!!!

~Harsha~ said...

LOL.. your dad is so cute with his captions!

valda said...

LOVE the red hair! And the t-shirt is too funny! Your kitty is so cute sleeping like that!