Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am here

I haven't been stitching as much as I should. I got playing Sims2 on the computer again and it is addictive. I did finish an exchange piece and need to mail that out. I have been reading a little bit as well.
My bad news is no car. My engine is shot and I have no more warranty on the car, it is a used '99 mercury Cougar. So we are getting a used engine but the labor will kill us. Although it is my neighbor's shop working on it and he has said if Scott does alot of the work then the labor won't be so bad. Scott does know how to do most of it so that will save us. But coming up with the money ahs to wait til taxes come in, that will be the end of February. meantime Scott has to take me to and from work.
I am so far behind on stitching. I have a few SALs that i wanted to do this month, with the Cross Stitch pals. I also have a RR to start and is supposed to be mailed Feb. 1. I don't know if that will happen for me.
I have all these packages here to mail out of books for the giveaways and a chart but no way to get there. i was supposed to go yesterday but Scott couldn't get me to the PO on time due to unfortunate events that came up for him. And no, I don't live in town to walk.
I finished reading Just Rewards by Barbara Taylor Bradford and is part of her Emma Harte series. I am now reading The Hard way by lee Child. I finished lsitening to Chill Factor by Sandra Brown and am now listening to Ricochet by Sandra Brown. Both are very good.
Well I need to go and get some laundry done and sit and do some serious stitching today. I had started Simply Winter by Waxing Moon, yesterday. it is part of a season SAL through the Cross Stitch pals. I plan on watching Failure To Launch and then listen to Ricochet, while I am stitching. Yesterday I watched Basic Instinct 2.

I will post later of the winners of this weeks book and chart giveaway and list the new giveaways.


Sharon said...

Shelleen sorry to hear about the car! I used to play the Sims-but I have not done so in a long time. Such a cool game.

jezebelsk said...

Shelleen -
I hope the car issue doesn't take too long to fix. I have been there a million and a half times. Right now we are nursing our car in hopes that it will last until spring so maybe I will have a decent down payment for it.

Lots of hugs,
How's my heart?

Meari said...

What a pain about your car. Hopefully, you can get it fixed soon.