Sunday, January 06, 2008

stitching away

Friday at worked, I finished listening to Midnight In Death by J.D. Robb. it was very good. Last night I finished reading Sweet Revenge by Diane Mott Davidson. I am starting to read Hidden Moon by Lori Handeland and will start an audiobook by Sandra Brown. Not sure if it will ne Chill factor or Ricochet. I have them both to download in my Mp3 player.
I finished stitching Joy tree Ornament by M Designs

I am now stitching on Halloween bag from M Designs . I took the class in Myrtle Beach at the Cross Stitch Pals Fall Fling. The class was fun and I want to finish this bag. I will take a pic when i finish it. I then will stitch on the Autumn piece that goes with it and the 2 fobs. But I do have to stitch a fob for an exchange I am in and it needs to be mailed this week.

I watched season I of The Dresden Files. it is a SciFi series that i just found out about. I am not sure if it is a summer show or what. I read the book by Jim Butcher and was told that they made a series on TV based on his series of books. I loved the DVDs that i watched all weekend and will keep an eye out for the series on Scifi.

I have had a couple of bad days with my car. Why does everything have to be computerized and harder to figure out what is wrong with a car? I have had my car worked on but other codes keep popping up. I can't drive it or I will be in a car accident and I can't trade it in because I still have a 1 1/2 years left on payments. Besides I love my car. it is a '99 Mercury Cougar and it handles awesome!! I have a great stereo system in it as well. I am hoping once it is fixed this time that it will run like mint again.

Justin had Alex over for the weekend, which he is a great kid. Dylan spent Friday with Vanessa at a friend's house and then Vanessa showed up today , to hang out with me while Dylan was at work. She is the best thing to happen to him and he knows it lol.


Michele said...

Hi Shelleen! Love your Joy .. how are you going to finish it? Don't you hate car hassles! grrrrrr

Sounds like the boys are doing well these days *smile*

Sharon said...

Joy looks great! Congrats. I can't wait to see what your Halloween bag looks like. Hope you get your car troubles resolved.

imbrilyent-stitching sisters said...

The Joy ornament came out great. I love doing her work, except when I have long family names.


Meari said...

Joy looks great, Shelleen. I can empathize with your car troubles. :(

Carol said...

Your Joy tree is adorable Shelleen :-)