Sunday, May 04, 2008

April Goals met

Kelley Armstrong - Haunted finished
- Broken finished
- No Humans Involved finished
Evelyn David - Murder off the Books could not get into
Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Goes To washington

Cross Stitching:
M Designs Halloween Fob - fimished
2006 JCS Brittercup Britty Christmas Puppy - finished
LK Spring Boxer finished
2007 JCS Brittercup Poinsettia finished
work on Fishing Santa Stocking put in a few hours

Netflix movies: some are on long waiting lists
Enchanted watched
In The Land of Women watched
I Am Legend - watched
August Rush watched and the best movie yet
Evan Almighty watched
Alvin & The Chipmunks
Atonement watched
Catch and Release watched
Nancy Drew watched
Tin Man Disc 1 watched
Tin Man disc 2 watched
No Country For Old Men
The Surfer King
The Insatiable
Lucky You
Children of Men
Dumb Luck

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