Sunday, May 04, 2008

May goals

Carrie Vaughn - Kitty Goes To washington
Jennifer Chiaverini - The Christmas Quilt
Jennifer Chiaverini - Circle of Quilters
Jennifer Chiaverini - The Quilters Homecoming
Carol Higgins Clark - Laced
Mary Higgins Clark - I Heard That Song Before
Patricia Cornwell- Predator
Patricia Cornwell- Book of The Dead

Cross Stitch:
Fishing Santa Stocking
M Designs-ornament class
JCS 1998 Mosey 'n Me - A Gift For a Friend
Needleroll exchange
freebie exchange

27 Dresses
No Country For Old Men
The Golden Compass
Alvin & The Chipmunks
The Surfer King
The Insatiable


Liz said...

I just finished Mary Higgins Clark's latest (name completely escapes me, but I don't think it's the book you list), and it was pretty enjoyable. It was one of her better ones, I think. And "Predator" is on my "to be read" list. I'm waiting for it from the library.

A thriller/mystery I recently finished is Some Kind of Angel by Mel Harter. It's got a post-9/11 theme of terrorists threatening our safety and security with weapons of mass destruction. Trying to stop them are a young forensic doctor, nicknamed "Sneetz," and an older investigative journalist, "Muldoon." They have been instructed by the president to head Operation Worldsafe, and identify and destroy a terrorist who has already committed some heinous murders that involve mummified victims.

This is a great addition to the thriller category, and I hope Harter is planning some further adventures of Sneetz and Muldoon.

Meari said...

What'd you think of No Country For Old Men? I thought it was a strange movie, and don't know what all the hype was about.

Meari said...

Oops.. I just noticed those were your May Goals. LOL Maybe you haven't watched the movie yet. (sorry)