Sunday, July 06, 2008

I am here, finally

These past 2 months have been crazy. I have had to go in early at work. Dylan got a new job so I have had to drop him off on my way to work and pick him up at supper time. Justin had his awards night and then graduation. I was working on his scrapbook on and off for several weeks so it would be ready for his party. His party was yesterday and was very small. Not many people showed up but we had quite a bit of food and a great time. Lot of work and money to pull off. Seems like all I did was shop and prepare things for the party and work on the scrapbook.
July 3rd is when we get together with friends. I grew up next door to these friends for years and we always had combined parties on Conesus lake, where we lived. They had the ring of fire every year. A couple of years ago my parents moved and we still celebrated the 3rd with the former neighbors. Well they just sold their house so after 30 years of these parties it was the last one and bittersweet. No more visiting the lake where I grew up. Everyone has moved away.

This week is catching up mailing things out of exchanges, RRs and books that I owe people. Thank you everyone for being patient with me.

I should be finishing Fishing Santa Stocking within the next day or two. Maybe even tonight woohoo!!

I haven't been reading much but I have been listening to audiobooks , which count in my book haha. Right now I am listening to the last 5 of Dean koontz's books. I am on Forever Odd right now.

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Sandy said...

Happy Graduation to Justin. I just can't believe the time passed so quickly from when I met the boys. Wow. So sorry you won't be able to attend your ring of fire anymore. I remember a lot of things we used to do and don't get to, it's so sad. You sound so busy. I've been reading too. I just finished The Knitting Circle, it was good. I've started Frida, it's the biography about her life. Can't wait to see your stocking.