Sunday, November 22, 2009

lots of stitching

I pulled out Night Before Christmas and stitched some more on it. I also listened to Shadow Man by Cody McFayden. I really like this audiobook.
I pulled out TW The Storyteller as it was UFO night. I did quite a bit more on the border. I also watched Bones, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

I didn't stitch at all on Friday. My sister invited me to her house for a sleepover. Just her and I. We had wine, sushi and watched movies. We watched Up ,which was cute. Then we watched The Women , which we enjoyed.

I stitched on my name tree by M Designs. DH and DS#2 were out hunting so it was a day of stitching and movies. I watched: WALL-E and The Dark Knight. Both of which I enjoyed.


Blu said...

Wow! That is a lot of stitching. My weekend wasn't as fun. I found a huge mistake in a bag I was making and I've been a little down, so no stitching while I sulk...

Julie M said...

Stitching? What's that?? Everything is looking great Shelleen!

Donna said...

I stitched some too! Worked on my SFAC quilt block and even finished one. Great stitching Shelleen! Isn't hunting season great?

RuthB said...

Shelleen, what can I say? You and your needles are amazing! Absolutely amazing.

Congrats on all the accomplishments.

Carolyn NC said...

Wow, awesome stitching!