Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Page 1 is finished! I have been busting my butt on this piece but I don't think I will make the Christmas deadline. I still have page 2 to finish and then 2 or 3 more pages that just have a little bit of stitching.
I watched 2 hours of Dollhouse. This Friday is the last 2 hours, since it was cancelled.

Went Christmas shopping with Scott at Walden Galleria Mall by Buffalo. Love that mall. I finished Justin's shopping. Then I stitched some more on this.

Took Justin to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy 2 pillows. Scott and I needed new ones badly so they were Christmas gifts to us. Then we went to Target, since it was in the same plaza. Now I have never liked Target and always walk out of the doors empty handed. Well I got all of Dylan's shopping done and half of Scott's, ran out of money.
Came home and watched movies while stitching.
A Carol Christmas - Tori Spelling version
Holiday In Handcuffs- saw it last season
Santa Baby
Santa Baby 2

I listened to Odd Hours by Dean Koontz, at work.
Had my bookcross meeting at Wok For You and had sushi, mmm. No stitching or TV.

Started with wet snow in the morning and by 2pm it was just plain snow. The roads were wet but no snow was sticking. I left at 4 and everything but the roads were covered. Dylan was in town picking up a movie for family night and he said it was nasty out. We had junk food(jalapeno poppers, pizza rolls and buffalo wing nuggets)
Movie: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Stitched for a couple of hours.
Scott left here around 9pm for work. I talked to him when he got to work and it is snowing so hard that he couldn't see and was only going 20 mph. Said if it is like that in the morning then he will take me to work. Love that man.


Jan said...

Congrats on finishing the page. It looks lovely.

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on stitching the page - colors are so pretty!

Jackie said...

You're making great progress! I've hardly had any time to stitch except for a few minutes at lunch. I'm still working on getting holiday shopping together.

Mel said...

Congrats on your page finish! You're cruising along. :)