Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wanting to blog again

So for the past 2 years I have stopped reading blogs. The only thing I have been doing is watching Booktube, Flosstube and coloring You Tube videos. I have also been making videos. My life was overtaken by the internet yet again. So I have unsubbed from many You Tube channels and just kept a few of my favorites.
I am getting back into reading and trying to fit in cross stitching. The only thing I had been doing this year is color. So this blog is going to be like my diary again. I am hoping to post every day again and with pics , if I have anything to share.

This weekend is a reading weekend with a Facebook group Shadow Lounge Monthly Readathon
This read a thon is the 2nd weekend of every month. No challenges. Just a way to sit and read and share what you are reading.

Then I think I am making a monthly stitching goal of one whole weekend. I haven't stitched since March. Most of that is also due to the fact that I am not enjoying what I am stitching. I have over 1/2 done on Rocky Mountain Christmas. The thing I hate is the back stitching. She has different colors and shapes for back stitching and I do back stitch as I go along but am really hating it. So I think it will take a back burner again and I am going to pull out something that I enjoy.

I am almost a year behind on watching General Hospital, even though I know what has been going on currently, just not everything.

There are tons of movies on my DVR as well.

Coloring has taken over my life and I love it but I want to fit in my other hobbies.

Right now it is hard to leave out my cross stitch stuff because of a cat that will take off with things or knock it all over. I have a room to stitch in but it became my catch all room and I don't ever sit in there during the summer because it is to hot in there.

My 27 year old son has his name in for an apartment and just waiting to hear from them. Even though we love him, he needs to move out, I have plans for his room as it is a lot bigger than my sitting room now. Way more room with 2 walls to have shelves for my cross stitch supplies and coloring supplies. It will need a new floor and ceiling as well. I have all these ideas in my head of what I want to do and my hubby agrees with me.

Today I am reading The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks and so far so good but then again I always like his books.

So if any of you still follow me what have you been up to?


  1. I still read blogs and every great once in a while, I write one. Still stitching. Much less sewing and knitting. Reading is still occurring as well. We have a lot in common, my 27 year old son moved out a few months ago. It was time. He's faithful about coming by regularly and we text quite a bit. He worked nights before so in a weird way we are spending more quality time together!

  2. Hi Shelleen~ still stitching, still reading, still reading blogs. I look forward to seeing what you have been up. And I really think you should put Rocky Mountain Christmas in time out and stitch on something you enjoy.

  3. HI dear love your post ..sending you big hugs and smiles
    Happy stitching x

  4. Hey Welcome back to the blogging world. I have told myself I'm not allowed to do floss tube. I don't have time. So I'm not going to allow myself. I know I will let it take over haha. I'm bad a that. I always enjoyed reading your book reviews and another friend of mine post them too. I used to LOVE reading before cross stitching stole my life haha. But on my last vacation I took a book and read again. It felt fantastic. I missed it! So I'm trying to work it in. I'm not doing too well. I need to work harder to keep up with it. The problem is I'm also addicted to TV and I can't read and watch the million things I need to watch. Anyway. I'm glad to see you back. Love your idea of picking up another stitching piece instead. It's our hobby. We are supposed to enjoy it.