Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Tough Love by Aalia Lanius review

Tough Love by Aalia LaniusAll that glitters is not gold and this is hitting home for Aleyna as struggles between her traditional family desires and being unhappy in a marriage with her less than faithful husband, Kyle. Being a public speaker on confidence and success, Aleyna feels she isn’t being honest with herself or the world as she learns that the cancer she once beat has returned, bringing her face to face with a choice; her life or her marriage
Aleyna is learning she needs to let go. Fighting for a marriage that her husband is not wanting. How will the kids deal and what will finally be the straw that breaks the camels back?
I love the relationship between Aleyna and her best friend and another friend through her cancer.
This was a qick book as there was about 200 pages.
I received this from NetGalley for a review.
I gave this 4 stars and book can be found here on Amazon

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