Saturday, November 05, 2005

Been MIA

Have had to reschedule myself during the week as my housework wasn't getting done. Now I do that as soon as I get up in the morning and then I can do whatever I want the rest of the day. It is working great so far. Thanks to all my stitchingbrats and stitching_sisters through Yahoo.
Let's see since the last I posted I have bought a new camera. I still need to post pics with it. I also still need to post a pic of DS#1 when he was dressed in the demon costume. I am now working on 2 model pieces. One is almost done and the other one I have 2 months to finish. Plus I have to stitch up some sports ornaments for charity. They are quick and I can do one ina couple of hours so I will start them this weekend as well.
I also have gotten into Italian Charm bracelets, as some of the women in Myrtle Beach were wearing them. So I bought one bracelet and then yesterday bought 2 watches as they were on sale. I also love to make beaded scissor fobs so I had to buy some supplies for that and also some supplies to finish my wedding scrapbook album. Do you think I thought of it though while I was in Michaels LOL. Nope. so I still need to buy some wedding paper for that. I did get stickers though at Walmart. Well I have lots to do today. Grocery shopping and then stitch on the one model piece. I am doing some for Twisted Oaks Designs and she has Baltimore Quilt Squares for sale at LNS's and my name is ona couple of them as being the model stitcher, which is an awesome feeling :-)


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