Saturday, November 26, 2005

Good Morning

It is still blustery out and getting more and more snow. We have Thanksgiving today with my inlaws but don't have far to go. Maybe 5 miles.
Thanksgiving day went well and my dad looked good and seemed almost himself.
I am still stitching away on the model piece plus stitching on sports ornaments in the evenings. I have started to read Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz. I didn't get a chance to read The Resort and had to put it back into chain. If no one wants it then I will hold onto it for another time.
I did watch Anne Of Green Gables, Anee of Green Gables the Sequel, and Anne Of Green Gables The Continuing Story, all week while stitching. They were good :-) I took out 5 audiobooks from the library to listen to while stitching. With the snow falling it is that time of year when I stay holed up in the house unless DH is driving. I do NOT drive in any snow whatsoever LOL. Not even a dusting.

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