Friday, April 07, 2006

This and That

I am way behind on my computer time. I want to thank all of you who emailed me about my blog and my problem. So much has been going on since last week. so here goes.
Friday- No school as it was Superintendants Day. So we took DS#1 to get his learners Permit. But he is sick so has not driven as of yet.
Saturday - had my parents, sis and BIL, and in laws over to celebrate the boys bdays and mine. I received a serving platter and oils for my burner from the Body Shop. Bo Bice's CD and cash.
Sunday- went to church. DH took me to get new sneakers(bday gift) and we went out for dinner.
Monday - Friday this week I ran the Middle School's PTO Book Fair so I had to work that all week. I fit in as much stitching time as I could.
DS#1 went to the doctors on Monday and has a sinus infection, negative on the strep test. Today is the first day that he feels great. He has missed so much school since last week Tuesday.
DS#2 has started baseball practice and he is done at 4:30 and DS#1 finishes Track practice at 5 so I am at the school around 5 every evening to pick them up. Although DS#1 has missed practice all this week because he has been sick.
Today I pick up DS#2 from practice early since he has to work. DS#1 has to babysit after practice so will walk there. I pick DS#2 back up from work, 30 minutes early since he has a school dance tonight. I then have to pick up his girlfriend and his best friend. Then pick them all up at 10 pm and take them home.
Now DH wants me to run way out of my way to get subs for dinner. he can't since he has to work tonight. he can forget those subs and get the ones in town instead.
I have a breakfast at a church tomorrow for the women's group. Then I don't have any plans for the rest of the weekend. I need to get caught up on laundry and stitching LOL.


~Harsha~ said...

Bo Bice's Cd! How nice.. I'm a huge fan of him!

Happy Belated Birthday Shelleen!

Von said...

Shelleen, your life sounds really busy right now! Hope you have some time for yourself soon - and a little for the laundry too, lol!