Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Missing all of you

I dropped a couple of Yahoo groups and by what a difference in emails. I can keep up with them now. I also have time to get to the EZboards and am catching up on everyones blogs. If I don't post it is because I have nothing to say but I do read them.
I tried leaving a comment last night ona c ouple but all I got was eblog is down for maintanence.
I am stitching a model for Szulet creations and it is coming along nicely. I will have the last quilt block to stitch fro Twisted Oaks Desings, next week, I think.
I haven't stitched on anything of mine in so long that I miss them. I am so far behind on my SAL goals on Becky's BB and they are Christmas gifts so I need to catch up on them.
I watched 3 movies last week:
Broken Flowers - Dumb
In Love and war
Dark water

This week I am watching alot of Lifetime Movies that I had DVRd.

Reading- I finished Death on Demand by Carolyn Hart and I want to read the rest in this series. Now I am reading A Murderous Yarn by Monica Ferris. So far it is good. If anyone is in the US and wants to trade books please join readnswap at Yahoo groups. I get alot of good books to read that way.

DS#1 has a Track meet tonight at the school, next town over. But they are calling for rain, winds, thunderstorms. If they don't cancel the meet I don't know if I am going. I certainly don't want to stand out there and get sick.


tkdchick said...

Yeah, I find with model stitching sometimes you just never get to your own porjects and you really start to miss them! Hope you get your model stitching projects done soon!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Shelleen, was having the same maintenance woes last night so now I'm up way to late trying to post some notes that are long overdue. Hang in there, CJ

Chris said...

The Death on Demand books are a great series. I've read 4 or 5 of them and have the others in my TBR pile.