Monday, May 01, 2006

Mondays Musings

Spring is here. We have had beautiful weather and the flowers are coming up, buds on the trees. I noticed today that the dandelions are out. I love them even though most people try to kill them out of their yards. It gives a yard color and gives me fond memories of childhood.

Stitching - I have been stitching on a model for SzuLet Creations and is almost done but I ran out of floss so as soon as that comes in I can finish it. I started Lk January Block. All of them will be done on one piece of fabric. I also have the last model, for Twisted Oaks designs, of the Baltimore Quilt Block, on the way. I think I will stitch up a sports ornament today to add to the pile.

Reading- I finished A Murderous Yarn by Monica Ferris and it was really good. I have pulled out Broken Prey by John Sandford, but haven't started it yet.

Movies watched last week:
Falling In love with the Girl Next Door
Double Cross
Hangman's Curse
Mcbride: Fallen Idol
Curring Edge 2: Going For the Gold
Nora Robert's Sanctuary
Safe Harbor
The Wedding date
Our House
The Interpreter

DS#1 had a Track invitaional on saturday and it was gorgeous weather for that. he did real well. Tomorrow he has Track Meet at home and DS#2 has his first baseball game, of the season, away game.

Going to go and watch Nascar since it was a rain delay yesterday.


  1. Oh my - what a movie list... I think I have only heard of one... The Wedding Date! LOL!

  2. Oh right... I have heard of, have seen and own The Interpreter - ok, I recognize two! LOL

  3. Hi Shelleen!
    Isn't it wonderful that spring is here again! I love getting out in the sun, enjoying the blooms, and even pulling the weeds and cleaning the beds, lol! At least for a few weeks. :D