Tuesday, December 12, 2006

busy, busy , busy

I haven't accomplished much in the stitching department. I forgot what I did on Friday. Saturday I had to go grocery shopping then had a Christmas party to go to. Pics of me and DH .

Sunday DS#1 and I went to church, came home and cleaned. Then I had to take him to work. I did stitch a little bit on LK November Block.

Yesterday DH wanted to to to The Rez for cigarettes. So I ride along with him, after I went to Curves. Came home , my friend calls me. She wants to take me out for lunch so we went to subway and then I rode back with her to her house and we chatted for a couple of hours. It was a nice visit that I really needed.

She took me home at 3:30. DS#2 wants me to take him to the jewelry store in town for his girlfriend's Christmas gift. I know the woman who works in there and she gave him a discount, which was very sweet of her. He was thrilled with his purchase. Then him and I head over to his friend's house. His dad sold me my laptop and he wants to do some updates on it. So I go over there and drop that off to him. Came home around 8 pm and FINALLY got to stitch. I am not going anywheres today except to pick up DS#2 from a basketball game, tonight. I really need to stitch today.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you and Scott!!! Very festive :) and what a great day you had!!

Hugs, Michele

Mary said...

gxritWhat a very cute couple you guys make! Have a very Merrry Christmas.