Monday, December 04, 2006

stitching progress

I stitched on this all weekend. Finished August and started September.

Friday morning I got a phone call that DHs grandmother passed away. Today is calling hours, service and gravesite service. Everything starts at 1pm and will end around 4:30.

Saturday I got a text message from DS#2s friend. He wanted to go to the mall and would I take him and another friend. I would only do it if DH went with me as he had to work OT Friday night. So we all headed to the mall. I didn't have any money to buy anything but it was nice seeing the decorations up.

Yesterday watched Gilmore Girls season 6 discs 1, 2 and part of 3.

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Anonymous said...

Your L*K is looking great Shelleen! Almost done :)

I'm really sorry to hear about Scott's grandma .. hope all is well with you all.

Gilmore Girls is one of my favs!!