Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's Snowing again!

Woke up to a trace this morning and I just looked out and it is snowing again. Good day to stay in with my stitching, TV and a cup of tea.

I have been making pretty good progress on the LK Blocks. Yesterday I finished September and started October.

TV: Gilmore Girls Sesaon 6 finished, General Hospital, last weeks The O.C. DVD- Dreamer

Reading: April Shadows by V.C. Andrews, am 3/4 done

Have you ever had a Christmas where your finances are tight? I have made all of the women's gifts but DH has to buy for his dad, my dad and my BIL. Plus we still need to buy for the boys. No money so coming up with ideas. I also still need to decorate the house and going next week for a tree.


Anonymous said...

What sorts of things do the guys like? Could you bake cookies for them? Give them homemade gift certificates for car washes or something like that?

Sharon said...

Your LK piece is gorgeous. Nice stitching.

AnneS said...

This year the only people getting gifts (and very small ones at that) are my parents ... I think I'll be doing the 'baked' option this year for the first time ever, as my finances just don't cover anything else but trying to put food on the table this year. Yep, definitely a time to be inventive! :/ But a good year to be living overseas this year ;)