Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Gentle Soul

A Gentle Soul by Carol Emmer designs.
I would have finished this today but I ran out of one color of DMC. You would think, that since I have a dresser drawer of extra floss, that I would have it. So once I get it this weekend it will be done. I just need to stitch in that color. I started Hinzeit Frogs. It is a gift for my Dad , as his birthday is next Wednesday. I will finish it in a cube. All that I got done was the outside frame so I am not taking a pic yet.

My kids came home and told me that The O.C. is being cancelled on FOX. I didn't believe them so i had to check it out online, and sure enough they are playing the last 8 episodes and then it is done. I love this show and will miss it.

TV watched today:
Ghost Whisperer-DVR
Medium - DVR
3 episodes of General Hospital
The O.C.
The Chocolate Mouse Trap - Joanna Carl


Michele said...

Gentle Soul is so pretty! Can't wait to see how you finish him :) I did Frogs last year for my friend Lisa .. fun stitch. We watch the OC too .. I saw on Yahoo news yesterday about it being cancelled .. glad to hear they are going to wrap up all the story lines .. I'll miss the show too .. Seth is one of my favs!

tkdchick said...

For some reason no matter how much extra floss you keep around the house you area always out of something!