Wednesday, January 10, 2007

July is Done and August is begun

I finished July and started August, of a Year Full of Happy. I think July is the only square that is filled in with stitches.

I visited with my parents, this morning. Gave my dad his birthday gift. He received the Frogs cube that i finished , on Sunday. Plus, while in SC , last October I had found a frog plug for a tub or sink. It is the cutest thing and something unique, which my parents loved. Yes, my dad collects frogs and their masterbath is done in frogs. but they have to be realistic and not cartoonish.

TV watched:
Live! With Regis and Kelly
General Hospital
Snakes on The Plane - DVD

Kill Me - Stephen White


Chelle said...

Your Year Full of Happy is coming right along! Way to go!

Carol said...

Wow, another one that is progressing beautifully - very nice! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Mary Ann said...

A Year Full of Happy is looking great!

Coonie said...

what a fast progress!