Sunday, December 21, 2008

weather pics and stitching

This is what my yard looked like on Friday at 4pm. My little car was getting buried and is still buried even more. Scott had to plow at the station and he couldn't keep up with it so he was there all day. Justin came home from work at 7pm and pulled slowly into the driveway and ended up in the yard lol. They shoveled him out. Then Saturday morning Justin went to work and he couldn't get his car out. a neighbor plowed the end of our driveway so he could get out. Then later on another neighbor used his snow blower in our driveway and sidewalk. We have a snowblower but something is wrong with it, I think Scott said a bearing. So yesterday I stitched on my quilt sampler and got a small section of it worked on. I watched 3 movies: Sex & The City, Premonition, and Christmas in Wonderland.
Today has been snowing and so windy that you can't see some times. Scott worked til 2 and then took me to the grocery store. The snow is still falling and parts of our road have high snow drifts. I hope that the plows keep them down so Justin can get home.
The rest of the evening will be laundry , stitching and listening to The Winding Way Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini.
Today I am stitching a snowman ornament. I should be able to finish it as well.


Shari said...

right now, that snow looks wonderful!!!! We have ice & high winds & negative temps!!!!! The power has been flipping off all day. It is -3 with a wind chill of -28. Wanna change places!?!?!!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - snow is wild - wish we had part of that! Stitching is lovely1

Cathy said...

I will trade you our ice storm which took out our power for 2 days for your snow. Good project on your quilt.