Sunday, December 07, 2008

How is everyone?

I have been MIA! I have been stitching an ornament for an exchange so i couldn't share any pics. My FAL weekend didn't go as planned. I usually start on Friday night and end Sunday night. My sister came over Friday night and spent the night. Then Saturday didn't go as planned. I did get together a few things today and i will post pics tomorrow. I am just to tired tonight.
So did any of you get any finishing done?


Carolyn NC said...

My house is torn up from all the Christmas trappings & I still haven't got it all put back up, so I haven't stitched in a week! Our neighbors had a tragedy that we've all been dealing with. I'm also trying to keep a dumb cold from consuming me, too! (after I'd just made a comment that I rarely get sick - that's what I get...LOL) So I'm hoping to pull it all together to stitch some this week. Wish me luck! Hope you get yours done, too!

Karen said...

Had planned to join you too but decoration took too much time, but it is all done. Can't wait to see what you were able to finish.

Beth said...

Hey Shelleen!! You inspired me into finishing the three items that I am planning to give as gifts this year. I don't have the pictures posted just yet, but should have by the middle of this weekend. My camera was here in Louisville, so couldn't get them taken earlier.


Sharon said...

I finished two ornaments-they were the same! But a finish nonetheless.