Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quilt sampler

I finished the little block on the top left. I think that the backstitching takes longer than the actual cross stitching. I am also doing this 1 over 1.
I watched General Hospital and 90210. I also listened to Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I am about halfway through it.
Can't wait to stitch on this some more tomorrow night.


Carolyn NC said...

Moving along nicely!

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Good Progress Shelleen...I still love that...I love those type of patterns.

Wendy said...

Ooohb this one looks great! Nice progress!

CJ said...

Love it, I have always loved stitching quilt patterns. Can't wait to see the finish.


Raggedy Ann said...

wow! This is coming out great! :)

keep up the good work, love your blog!

Louise in NC