Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's Halloween

Yes, that is what I stitched on for a short time tonight. I got another row finished on it.
It has been a crazy weekend. First off I will let you all know that I weighed in on Thursday, at Weight Watchers and lost 3.4 lbs, woohoo!

Friday I got out of work at noon because we weren't busy. Scott and I went to a parade that night and the carnival. Had a great time dancing for 2 hours straight lol. I sure did feel it on Saturday with my knees.

Saturday we looked at a few places for a car for Dylan. Some of these dealerships are a joke. Fixed dinner for the inlaws . I got a package from 123 stitch and it had more of the magnets I like for holding my patterns in place. I also bought a spool of eazy gridding thread. Got the first page, of the new HAED SAL, fabric gridded. I will start it this week.

Today Dylan, his girlfriend, and I went back to one of the car dealerships to talk to someone. Didn't care for that experience lol. Prices way to high. Then we went grocery shoppin. I just talked to him and he is back home, in PA. Car ran like a champ. We have decided to just get his car fixed for whatever needs to be done.

Tonight I watched a new summer show on TNT called Falling Skies. Pretty good. On the order of War of the Worlds. I also watched last Tuesdays Pretty Little Liars and the Nine Lives of Chloe King.

Well going to play a little bit of Sims2 before I go to bed.

Take care everyone and thanks for the comments,


Blu Stitcher said...

I really love this piece. You are doing such a great job.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your Halloween looks great! Thanks for mentioning Falling Skies. I forgot to record it but now I set my DVR to catch the next rerun!

ArchangelDecker said...

I really love this piece. What fabric are you stitching this on? It's gorgeous!

Are you stitching the HAED SK SAL that is going on right now? Which one are you stitching? I chose Treasures, as I have not stitched a black and white HAED as of yet.

Julie M said...

Cute Halloween piece Shelleen!

I DVR'd Falling Skies as we were over at my folks last night. I also wanted to watch the Nine Lives of Chloe King. I don't watch Pretty Little Liars, my daughter does, but have you watched Switched at Birth? I like it so far.

Have a great week!

mdgtjulie said...

Halloween looks good. Sorry you had to go through the hassle of used car shopping. I can see how you would have been put off!!

Patches said...

Love the halloween chart>