Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blah Blah Blah boring

That is my life. The same thing day after day. Yep, that is me. Get up at the same time every day, go to work, come home, laundry ,cleaning, dinner, online and stitch and watch tv. Woohoo thrilling isn't it. Oh well keeps me out of trouble lol.
Dylan's car is being worked on here so he has my car in PA. Scott has had to take me to work. Him and Justin take turns picking me up from work.
Autumn is my favorite season and I have had pumpkin candles burning throughout the house. Smells so good.

I watched a few things tonight while stitching on HAED Rapunzel.
Live with Regis & Kelly, General Hospital, 2 episodes of Hungry Girl, and tonight's episode of The Ringer. I have decided to start DVRing Rachael Ray show. I miss watching it.

Here is a little bit of stitching on Rapunzel. around 200-300 stitches.
Thank you for reading and leaving comments.


  1. Isn't everyone's life like that? I get up at the same time every day, walk down the hall to go to work, feed dogs & cats, laundry, cleaning, dinner, online and stitch and watch TV just like you, but I don't have to drive anywhere.

  2. My life has been very boring too! Don't ya hate not having a car at your disposal? I am finally cleared to drive so watch out everyone, I'm on the roads again!!

    Beautiful stitching Shelleen

  3. My life is just like yours. Sometimes boring is good. At least it means there are no major problems happening that you have to take care of. Nice progress on your HAED.

  4. Boring isn't necessarily a bad thing. :) Nice stitching.

  5. Same thing day after day here..... I find comfort in that. LOL!!!

    Rapunzel looks great. :)

  6. Are you copying me? lol I just go to work and come back home. I hardly even watch TV. Most weekends I park the car in the drive and it doesn't even get moved until work on Monday. I'm so boring it isn't even funny!

  7. Yes my life is so exciting too it would take me a whole two minutes to tell you about it...lol.
    Nice progress on Rapunzel!

  8. Sounds like you are living my life.... except for the cleaning bit! ( Try to avoid if possible ).

    happy stitching...I am amazed at all of the HAED you stitch...

  9. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Rapunzel is really detailed. WOW! She's going to be a stunner!

  10. Now wait - weren't you the one that just recently spent a week in Canada??? And, are you the one that can do a gazillion things at once and get tons done?? Would I have such a boring productive life!

  11. It looks lovely Shelleen. Keep up the good work. And sometimes, having a routine is a good thing. My life is boring too, but after dealing with all my ex boyfriend's drama, I'm okay with that. It's nice and peaceful.

  12. Shelleen, I haven't been good at blogging or visiting other blogs but am impressed with your progress on Rapunzel. For only 2 or 3 hundred stitches, there is already lots of detail.

    I wish my life were a bit more boring at the moment, but I hit a car in the drive-through at McD's this morning; my dad is getting depressed and discouraged at the nursing home; my loser sister has moved in with Mom but can't help when Dad comes home because of her "bad back" and whatever else she comes up with. Maybe she can fall like she's good at and injure something else. She wouldn't want my dad to get all teh attention! I'm looking for a night under the desk with a lot of booze!