Sunday, September 11, 2011

QS Fragile Heart, LK Halloween Rules and more vacation pics

Geesh, I haven't posted here in a week. How did that happen? I stitched Monday-Saturday on HAED QS Fragile Heart
as you can see I finished page 3 and am now putting in gridding for the bottom half of this piece. I can not wait for next month to pull this out and stitch on it. Just love her face. I am thinking I should like at this artists other patterns.

Then today I pulled out LK Halloween Rules and finished Wear a Costume and started Eat Candy.
Friday I finished listening to Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell. Very good book.

Now onto more vacation pics. These are taken at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. I had a blast there. 5 floors of fun and alot of walking.
 The first exhibit was the dinosaurs, which I couldn't wait to see. This is Gail with some bones.
 This was my favorite area of the museum. These dinosaurs and several others looked so real. I will add another one at the bottom of this post of me standing by some.
 So cute!

 These snow rabbits were so lifelike and they even added things to look like they left a few things behind :-)
The birds were really neat as well. Some exhibits you could play the sounds of each bird. A lot of interesting facts.

This leaf is a brooch that was taken in the Earth exhibit. We thought we would be in and out of this exhibit as we didn't think we would be to interested in it. But one of the guides in there showed us all the jewels and the neat things about them. This leaf represents all kinds of things in Canada. The colors represented Provinces and the veins were rivers. They had a computer set up of a pic of each jewel and you could zoom in so close to the pieces that you could see colors that you couldn't see in the display. It was amazing.

 Gail took this pic of me because she said I looked like a child in awe of what I was seeing. Made her smile.
I just couldn't get enough of these dinosaurs.

All day today I was watching a bunch of Hungry Girl episodes that I had DVrd. if you have never seen this show then I encourage you to. It is on Food Network Sundays at 10 am EST. I even cooked one of the recipes which Scott, Justin and I enjoyed.

Thank you all for reading and leaving comments, I appreciate them. I do have a couple more pics of a town we visited. I will leave them for another day.


SoCal Debbie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the museum! I'm thinking of doing the LK Halloween Rules too. It's such a cute chart!

Julie M said...

Sounds like a great time was had at the museum!

Awesome stitching too!

Nancy said...

awesome pictures!! That museum looks like alot of fun! Your stitching is beautiful, as always!

Meari said...

Nice stitching, Shellen. My niece would love the dinosaurs! I love museums in general. Looks like a lot of fun.

Nancy M said...

Nice progress! I'm close to finishing another page too! It's like a finish within a finish! And you haven't posted in a week??Well I think I'm working on 6 weeks! yikes

Joysze said...

Love your museum pics, Shelleen. The animals look so real!!

I really love Fragile Heart's eyes and the Halloween piece is darling. :)

Autumn May Dale said...

Cool! It is also good to spend Halloween in the museum. We already tried it before.


Elisha said...

Beautiful Pictures!That museum looks like Great.I would love to
visit this place.Thanks for sharing.

Dhairya said...

WOW...Great pictures.snow rabbits looks so cute.Great idea to visit museum.Thanks for sharing.