Tuesday, October 04, 2011

new stash and WIP pics

I have made myself a personal goal which will have a tab on my blog to read all about.

This is stash that I bought in the month of September.

Just Cross Stitch Halloween Collection

Just Cross Stitch Halloween October issue

Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue

Cross Stitch Card Shop - my friend Gail had a subscription to these and I fell in love with them.

Mystic Stitch Fractal patterns and bookmarks

I saw these Fractal patterns in the Nordic Needle catalog and loved the bookmarks and the purple flower looking one. Then Dylan saw the other one and would like that.

Last week I stitched all week on Joan Elliott's Christmas Angel. I was home sick most of last week so in between naps I did get quite a bit done and I didn't go any wheres on Saturday so I could rest and just stitched and watched Elizabeth Taylor movies all day.

I ended up watching:
National Velvet
Father of The Bride
Father's Little Dividend

Then Sunday I pulled out LK Halloween Rules. I finished Haunted House and started the border for the next one.
I watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Sunday's episode of Desperate Housewives.

I still have a few more Elizabeth Taylor movies to watch. They were on TMC after she died. They had 24 hours of her movies so I DVRd a few and am now finally , watching them.

This week I am stitching on HAED QS Fragile Heart. 

Last night I watched :
General Hospital
The Lying Game
Hart of Dixie

Have a great evening,


Meari said...

Nice stitching and stashing, Shelleen. I hope you're feeling better.

Cindy said...

I like your new stash :D....and your stitching is wonderful! I know you said you were sick last week...but how wonderful to get some stitching time in.....hope you are feeling better too!

Nancy in IL said...

The stash haul is just awesome; love the fractals - saw one framed by my LNS, and it was breathtaking!

You're really stitching along on Halloween Rules and the Christmas Angel. Both are wonderful projects!

Karen said...

Who doesn't love new stash! Your WIP are looking great... love the LK Halloween Rules....

happy stitching...

SoCal Debbie said...

You sure have lots of Halloween stash! You could stitch Halloween stuff all year! I also have a few Fractal patterns. Can't wait to start one and see how it turns out!

Lana said...

Great stash and stitching!!!

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

love the new stash, I really love the look of the one that looks like a purple flower (another to add to my wishlist lol)

great progress on your stitching too, I love Joan Elliots designs.

mdgtjulie said...

Both projects look wonderful Shelleen. Grats on all the progress. I really like the colors in your Joan Elliot piece. It's fabulous!!

Katrien said...

Love the new stash :)
Great work on both pieces

Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

Love those fractals there, I have a bap blue & white one from the same company that I've started!

Joysze said...

Great stashing. Love how Christmas Angel and Halloween Rules are looking. :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's great new stash you've got there.

Both of your WIPs are looking good.

Beth said...

Great stash and great stitching!! Good luck on your personal challenge. Keep us informed on how it is going!

Carissa said...

Nice looking new stash Shelleen and your stitching looks great!@

She's Just Jodi said...

I admire you for taking on that personal challenge, but better you than me! LOL

I think rules and restrictions have no place in my passion. ;-)

Mary Ivancicts said...

Nice stash and great stitching!

The Crafty Princess said...

LOL! Another fractal fan (victim)! I love the fractals you bought. Lovely progress on your work. Have fun xo

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - great new stash and nice stitching!