Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year - updated 1-4

My stitching goals are to start 14 new Mirabilia's/Nora Corbett's. Finish Mirabilia Winter Queen. Stitch on a Halloween piece the last week of every month. To finish as many of the new starts that I can.

I also have reading goals this year.

For January I want to read:
The More The Merrier- K. R. Whitaker
Cinder- Marissa Meyer
Smoke & Mirrors - Barbara Michaels
The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks
Rushed- Brian Harmon
Audio - finish Lone Wolf - Jodi Picoult

During my Christmas break I watched You Tube videos by Ashley B.  and got an idea for books to read . So I wrote them down and will continue to follow her videos all this year. I also watch her Sims4 videos as I play that a lot as well.

I also want to get back into watching movies again. I slacked off for awhile.

Instead of posting a new post every day then I will just keep adding to this post of what I have read/watched and stitched. I want to get back into blogging again as I have a few followers who have asked where have I been.

JANUARY 1 - Stitched on this while watching Once Christmas Eve. Was a Hallmark movie I had DVRd and it was really good.

Mari-Nora Corbett
28 ct cashel linen silkweaver Jamaica Sunset

JANUARY 2- Stitched while I watched General Hospital and a Hallmark movie, Christmas Under Wraps. Another good movie.
Cleo - Nora Corbett
28 ct linen - not sure what the overdyed is

JANUARY 3- I watched a lot of you tube videos on Books today. Seems like I am missing out on a lot of good ones out there. I have a huge list lol.
Today I stitched in a quiet room. Listening to the sleet and freezing rain. Will read more of The More The Merrier by K. R. Whitaker, tonight. I also want to watch a couple more You Tube book videos.
Ana - Nora Corbett
28 ct linen Silkweaver solo

JANUARY 4 - Still have a cold that I started with on Friday. Today was spent watching my grandson for a few hours. It is always fun being with him.
I watched a few more reading you tube videos and wrote some more books down. I did finish reading my first book of the year. It was The More The Merrier by K. R. Whitaker. It is the 4th book of his Beau Butler series. I will be starting the 5th and final book of the series, It's Time We Talked. It has magic and creatures in it and I am thoroughly enjoying the books.
Tonight I stitched while watching Galavant, Resurrection, and Revenge. Galavant is on for 4 weeks and is a little cheesy but fun for entertainment. Can't go wrong with John Stamos in it :-)
Gigi-Nora Corbett
28 ct cashel linen Silkweaver solo


Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

I love your WIP is looking great.

I am so glad that you will be posting again...YEAH! I love reading your posts.

The Books that you want to read sounds really good.

Happy New Year...
Linda K, Railroad

Shebafudge said...

Glad to see you are going to be blogging more often. I will certainly be waiting for your updates :)

Emma/Itzy said...

Lovely new projects and enjoy all the reading :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Sounds like you have a fun year planned. Loving all the fabrics you are using too. They look so rustic.
Happy stitching stunner, it's great to hear from you again!
xo Alicia