Tuesday, November 11, 2008

please say a prayer

My dad had a knee replacement surgery a year ago and had a lot of problems and a horrible infection. So this past spring they took the knee replacement back out. Talk about horrible doctors and not listening to patients. His leg was double the size it should be and beet red and very hot. But the doctors kept telling him, no infection. DUH! We are not doctors and could tell it was infected. Well when they took the replacement back out they could not believe that it was so infected. Morons!!! Anyways he goes back today to have the replacement done again. I also hope that he follows all orders this time as he didn't always follow orders last time , which may have caused some of his problem but still the doctors should have known that it was infected. So I took the day off to sit with my mom at the hospital. Last year I was in Myrtle Beach when he had the operation and my sister's job wouldn't let her have the day off since they said it wasn't major surgery, stupid people, any surgery is major. She started a new job about a month ago so she didn't ask to take today off so at least I could sit with my mom this time.


Carolyn NC said...

Hope everything goes smoothly with your Dad this time. PBS for you all.

Yvonne..... said...

Prayers being sent for your Dad!! Hugs!

Ruth said...

hugs and prayers, Shelleen. I hope you got good doctors this time!

Ok, this isn't important at all, but fyi, I dodn't know if you saw that I pulled your name on my blogiversary draw. No need to send me your snailmail addy... I think I *might* have it. lol

Take good care of mom and dad!... and you too.

Petra said...

I hope everything went OK today...prayers are with you.