Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Star of Wonder - SanMan Originals
JCS 2001 ornament issue
I woke up to about 2 inches of snow on my car. So took a few minutes to get it warmed and uncovered.
Things have been weird at work. About 3 weeks ago a new microwave, that I thought I had left on for too many minutes had burnt a forage sample and turned everything black. Last week I went to empty the freezer on one shelf to make room for that days samples. Well nothing was frozen so we thought it was broken but it is now working. Today I was grinding and that room is so freezing that my fingers were numb and most of the sample that i ground I lost through the collection grate. Twice one of the women came in and was looking in the closet. I found out that a circuit breaker had turned off 2 microwaves while she was drying. She turned the breakers back on but it took out one of the microwaves. Also Monday the furnace was making weird noises. I have no idea what is going on but I hope Monday is much better.
I was driving home from work and Scott calls me that I will have to go home a different way as there is a car accident and we don't have power at home. Well I go to work that way but I don't go home that way so no problem. So it is light enough outside that I sit and stitch and listen to Blessings by Anna Quindlen. It is 4:30 and just to dark to stitch and all of a sudden the power comes on. Thank god.
So I come online and get everything done. I sit and watch TV with DH and we watch The Day After Tomorrow. When at 7:45 the power goes out again. Great , now I go around the house lighting candles. I am mad because I will miss my TV shows. But at 7:58 the power comes back on. Back to stitching and watching Bones and then Private Practice. Turn the news on at 10 and they are talking about the terrorist attack on India. I hope that the hundreds of injured will be ok.

everyone have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


Sadie said...

Looking good. Can't wait to see him finished.

Dawn B. said...

I really like this one. SMO are really great and now I must go back and see if I have that issue.

Anonymous said...

Your snowman looks great, hope the this week is a better one for you,
Take care

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Thanksgiving, that ornie is going to be cute!

Lelia said...

This really is a cute ornament -- I probably should have said that in the other post!!!