Saturday, January 03, 2009

FAL weekend

This weekend I am doing as many finishes as possible. I have a table set up with the iron and I have ironed everything that needs it. Now my pieces are all set up in groups, stuffed ornaments, pillows, Needlerolls, cubes, flat ornaments. Another table is set up with fabric , ribbon and felt.
Anyone else want to join in?
I will put a FAL weekend in the sidebar of dates every month so you all know when I plan on doing them.


Carolyn NC said...

I'm not at that point yet, but hopefully, I can join in the next one!

Karen said...

Neat idea! I will have to try to join for some since I have plenty to finish!!! Good luck this weekend on all of your finishing and can't wait to see the finished results.

Lee said...

I'll try to squeeze in some weekends, too!