Wednesday, January 28, 2009

lots of WIP and 2 finishes and a NEWS!!!

I have some good news but I am going to make you wait and read my progresses first. Now stop groaning and no you better not be scrolling down to read it. I knew you would, you just can't resist. LOL

Last Thursday I pulled out Night Before Christmas and worked on Santa in chimney. I just need to do the backstitching on it. That will get done tomorrow night.
LK Hoppy Easter is finished. Well not the way the chart shows it. I did this for my RR with the Belle's. My RR is Easter. I am using 2 pieces of fabric. 1 is for a bellpull and the other piece will be for a pillow.
Then Sunday I finished Brittercup's Trick or Kitty Treat. The pic came out darl but I think it is cute.
Monday night I stitched on Rocky Mountain Christmas by Marty Bell. I started this many years ago and love the piece but the changing of colors all the time is as bad as a TW.
Last night I stitched on Mirabilia's Winter Queen. I finished the 1 section, that was my goal. I can't wait to stitch on her again.

I am also thinking of changing my rotation. Quilt Sampler and Night Before Christmas are 2 SALs with 2 different groups and Quilt sampler is supposed to be done in February as part of an incentive. I do enjoy stitching on them. So I was thinking for february to stitch one week on the Quilt and then another week on Night Before Christmas and alternate the weeks. Then go back to daily rotations in March.
I started an ornament - JCS 2003 issue- Rosie & Co. - Santa's on His Way. I will finish it this weekend.

I finished the aaudiobook New Moon by Stephenie Meyer and I enjoyed it very much. I will be starting Eclipse, tonight.
We have been getting a lot of snow. We have been in snow warning from 10pm last night until 1am Thursday morning with a foot of snow when done. Roads have been horrible but schools didn't close because of state mid terms.

Ok so now for the good news. Are you ready?
JUSTIN DS#1 is on the Dean's List at college. I am so thrilled for him and so proud. We got the letter in the mail yesterday and he happened to be home. I handed him his mail and he opened it and the surprise and grin on his face was priceless. He started giggling and told me what it said. Way to go Justin!!!!!


Karen said...

Great job on all of your stitching. Congratulations to DS...that is a major accomplishment I am sure he worked very hard for. Now...he just has to keep it up!

Kathy A. said...

Give Justin my congratulations. That is a great accomplishment and he should be very proud!
Lovely stitching too.

Ashley G. said...

All of your WIP's look fantastic!! I love Rocky Mountain, and Winter Queen is really coming along!

Congrats to your son for his wonderful accomplishment!!

I am listening to Twilight right now, and I am loving it! Is New Moon as good on audiobook? Oh I really hope so!! I can't wait to get to it!

Carolyn NC said...

Aren't you so proud - great accomplishment for your DS! All of your stitching looks fantastic!

drea_dear said...

Congratulations to your son - what great news.

Your stitching rotation makes sense to me - I have so many WIPs that I want to set aside one day each week for them, and spend the bulk of my time on the project with the nearest deadline. But sometimes I get bored, and break my schedule. And sometimes I just rebel, lol.

Lisa said...

Great stitching gal! And great going Justin!

Sharon said...

Wow!! You must be one proud Mama!! Congrats to your DS - that's a huge accomplishment!!! :)
Another WOW - your stitching progress is amazing!!!! I love watching your pieces "bloom"!

RuthB said...

Woo hoo Justin!!!!!!!! Way to go. :)

And way to go mom!

Michele said...

everything looks great! Love that kitten :)

and congraulations to Justin! that is soooo awesome :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

The stitching is awesome.

Congratulations Justin!!!!!

Von said...

What great news about Justin! I know how proud that makes a mom and does wonders for your son too. :)