Sunday, January 11, 2009

progress pics

Saturday I stitched on the Quilt Sampler. It is moving along slowly. I also finished listening to Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Even though I did enjoy it and am listening to the whole series I do not see what all the hype was about.
Today I pulled out Just Nan's Batty Jack and finished him. He is so cute.
Then I started Brittercup Designs Trick or Kitty Treat. This was also from JCS October 2008 issue.

Today I watched Mama Mia and just loved it. I want to buy it now.
I also watched shows on the DVR:
Thursdays and Fridays General Hospital, which is getting good. I also watched The Barbara Walters special with Patrick Swayze. I also heard today that he was taken to the hospital for pnemonia.
I started listening to New Moon by Stephenie Meyer.
Oh yeah and I watched 24 tonight.


Carolyn NC said...

I just love this quilt sampler - nice work on the Brittercup, too!

Kathy A. said...

Lots of nice stitching there girl. You have been busy.

Lisa said...

Gal you impress me so much with your dedication and rotation. I wish I could make myself do that but alas, I fail! Great stitching!

Laurie said...

Love your 18 finishes! Great job! Who is the designer of the alphabet with snowman pillow? You can post the answer on my blog if you wish! Thanks!

karen said...

great progress girl!

Don't you just love mama mia?! i just watched it again today (i got it for christmas).

Sharon said...

I love that quilt sampler, its so colorful. Great work

Sharon said...

Cute finish! The quilt sampler is progressing nicely. I have tried to read Twilight-but just don't get the hype either!

Lennu said...

Beautiful stitching photos! I hope this week will be better for you and the weather gets better too! We had very cold in the beginning of the week, but it's now getting tolerable :)