Sunday, October 11, 2009

decorated for Halloween

You would never know that this is my favorite time of year. I pulled out the decorations last week and finally got around to putting up Halloween/Autumn/Thanksgiving decorations. Looks nice :-)

I stitched on HIH Autumn Bird. I am working with the threads that I do have and will try to pick some up next week.

Then I have 4 Christmas ornaments to stitch up. I am hoping to have them all done in Myrtle Beach. I have a RR to finish but I will wait til I get back home. I am going to take The Night Before Christmas by little Old Me Designs and am hoping to get most of that finished as well.

Justin is letting me take his laptop so I can try to post here while at the retreat and on the way there. Mine bit the dust and it is old.

I also finished watching last week's General Hospital's episodes. Hoping to watch them on the laptop while on vacation. Otherwise they will be DVRd and will watch when I get home. I also have other shows to watch online since Thursdays and Fridays I watch 2 shows while DVRing 2 shows and can't do that while I am gone and I don't have a VCR anymore. Oh well. I love my nighttime TV viewing while I stitch.

Been playing on Facebook and have a rotation going on the games. My favorite right now is Fairyland. I do go on that every 3 hours to get my gold. Anyone else hooked on that.

I did not forget about the giveaway. No one has been home to draw a name for me. So that will be done tomorrow.

Thanks everyone for reading and leaving comments.


Carolyn NC said...

I haven't stitched an exchange for Sat. night, much less Christmas ornies! I didn't realize you were going to MB this year. Cool!

Jade said...

I never heard of Fairyland. I am hooked on Restaurant City. Very addictive!

Julie M said...

Glad you finally got your fall deco up! Mine is a bit sparse this year as hubby put one box in the storage closet behind the christmas stuff. Not pulling all the christmas out to get to it. Not gonna do it. Nope!

CindyMae said...

I do not have a lot of fall decor, but am working on it! Love the colors and feel of Fall though. I should have more! LOL Hope that you have a great time at the retreat!