Tuesday, October 13, 2009

stitching an exchange piece

Love Halloween :-)

Work wasn't busy so we caught up on a few things. Came home and got caught up on emails, blogs, BBs and Facebook. Fixed Taco salad for dinner.

Then sat and watched Monsters VS Aliens. It was cute. I also watched The Forgotten on ABC. I like this show a lot. I stitched quite a bit on an exchange piece and will finish it tomorrow but first have to put some finishes together so i can mail 1 and take the rest with me to Myrtle Beach, yes Carolyn I am going :-)


Karen said...

LOVE the background! you know i love halloween just as much as you do! have a blast in MB, give everyone hugs for me.

Julie M said...

The forgotten is a great show! Glad I'm not the only one watching it. I'm usually the kiss of death when it comes to TV shows being cancelled!