Thursday, September 09, 2010

a crazy 2 weeks

last week I was doing laundry and getting ready to move Dylan to PA. Saturday we took off and moved him into his apartment. He will be going to UTI in Exton, PA. His 2 roommates were classmates of his, in high school. They are also going to the school. It is a nice apartment. We had picked out our route on a travel map and I took the GPS. We made a few adjustments and now have it figured out. I left the GPS with the boys. We came back home Sunday night. I had Monday off, from work, and started cleaning up the empty bedroom. It needs new carpet and curtains and will be my craft room. Scott and I got up early yesterday morning to head to PA again. Dylan had registration yesterday and today was orientation. They also had a room set up for orientation with the parents. Very informative. The boys like the town and have been using the GPS a lot. I left it with them again and will get it back in October. They decided to head to Philly today and check it out. They did not like it. The traffic was nuts and people are not friendly. Dylan looked at a guy and was told that if Dylan looked at him again that the guy would punch Dylan in the head. Real nice way to treat people and make a good impression. They have tried meeting people in Exton as well and people turn their noses up and walk away. Western NY is not like that. Everyone says hi and he meets new people all the time from other towns. So this is a huge adjustment for the boys.
Well I am really tired and need to get to bed. I am hoping to pick up a needle tomorrow night. Haven't stitched in almost 2 weeks.

My Mil is still in the hospital. She did have a stroke which has affected her walking. She will be going to rehab. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.


Carolyn NC said...

Hope your MIL improves - will be praying for her. Hope Dylan and his friends will find it a little friendlier and all goes well for him.

Shannon said...

Hope your MIL is doing better soon. I also hope Dylan finds some new friends and likes school. Philadelphia is sometimes not the nicest place.

Shannon in PA

Beth said...

Hopefully when Dylan and his friends start their classes they will meet some other people to hang out with.

Tell your MIL we are cheering for her recovery.

Enjoy setting up your craft room - that will be fun!!

Mel said...

I do hope your MiL gets better soon.

Karen said...

Hope your MIL continues to improve! Good luck to your son..hopefully he will meet some nicer people once school gets started!

Faye said...

Hope things smooth out for Dylan as time goes on....change is hard! Praying for your MIL for sure...I felt all the prayers sent my way...and still do. Take care of yourself Shellen...Faye