Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cold & Blustery

Seems to be the tile most of the time these days.
DH and I went to get our tree over the weekend and after several interruptions, one of which my FIL was sent to the hospital, we finally got it on Saturday night. My FIL has a clogged artery and is back home. he will have to see a specialist though. Prayers for him would be appreciated.
I haven't been driving as my thermostat went in the car and who wants to drive in a cold car when it is freezing out. Plus I don't drive in the snow so hasn't been a big deal.
I have signed up for quite a few SALs next year and want to wor on my current WIPs and UFO. So I had to redo my stitching schedule, now to live like a vampire and not need sleep or food LOL. I will post my stitching schedule the first of every month starting in January and then let you know if I did get any of the stitching in.
I finished another Baltimore Quilt Block model for twisted oaks Designs, Just you wait and see it next month or the end of this month, when it is published. it is my favorite piece so far but I can't post a pic. I am still working on the other model that i started a long time ago and I seem to be getting nowheres on it.
I am as ready for Christmas as I will be. I decorated the tree last night and then 10 minutes later it fell over. So with my little temper that i have I took off all the decorations and put them back in the boxes, while the kids are telling me to stop. Dh got up and nailed the tree stand to the floor. The lights are still on and i have no intention of redecorating it. It took me 2 hours away from my model piece the first time and I don't have much time left for this model piece. The kids can finish decorating it if they want.
Does anyone have room in their homes for me? DH and I bought new walls for the bathroom 3 MONTHS ago and I told him that it had to be done by Christmas, he hasn't even started it. I swear I will threaten to leave and go visit my stitching friends and maybe then he will get the idea to finish it while I am gone. He helps out everybody else when they call and need help, it is so frustrating.
Well I am sure I came out sounding buh humbug, guess this model piece is really getting to me.


Carol said...

Got any new WIP pics for us?? :-)

BeckySC said...

Hi Shell :)
I am sorry to hear about the tree mishap ((((((hugs))))))

I can't wait to see the Baltimore Quilt Block :) Congrats to you :)

I am sorry to hear about your FIL and hope he will be ok...give Scott a hug from me, please!

I want to all you over the Xmas holiday...Hopefully I will find time to do that :) I look forward to talking with you :)

much love :)