Monday, December 26, 2005

Finishes for 2005

Schoolhouse Sampler
13 little Mill Hill kits
14 Debbie Mumm ornaments
September Flower bear
Waxing Moon Scaredy Cat
4 JCS ornaments
October Flower bear
Down Sunshine Lane-Hummingbird NR
November Flower Bear
LK Bloom Tuckaway pillow
Teresa Wentzler- The Castle
21 Sports ornaments
6 model pieces

Snowy Forest Evening Stocking
Sue Hillis- I Shall Wear Purple
Joan Elliott - Christmas Angel-The Cross stitcher magazine
TW- The Storyteller

1 comment:

Nancy in IL said...

Holy cow, Shell; you put me to shame! You certainly have "Flutterby Fingers" LOLOLOL!!! Just our little secret.... shhhh! ;-) I'm going to follow your example and make a list of goals for 2006 and plan my time better. Thanks for your inspiration!