Friday, December 02, 2005

Good afternoon

it is blustery out, snow and windy. Had my workout at Curves this morning and then DH and I did a little shopping. I ahve looked all over for the new Hershey's Kisses, cherry cordials. They are so good but I can't find them anywheres. They taste like a chocolate covered cherry, MMMMM.
Today I will be finishing up the sports ornaments and will post a pic of them when I am done. Then back to the model piece I am doing. I have another model on the way by Twisted Oask designs.
DS#2 has been complaining that his comfoter is to short for him. He has a twin bed and he is a little taller than I am so I bought him a full size comforter and blanket today. Hoep he likes them. I also ordered him some flannel sheest off of QVC as I love the Northern Nights flannel sets. DS#1 has the warmest room in the house and he says no need for flannels or blankets LOL.


Carol said...

Oh no! If I tell DH about those new Hershey Kisses he will make me drive all over the place looking for them too!!!!! LOL!!

Nancy said...

So where are the pictures?? :-)