Monday, December 26, 2005

Twas The Day After Christmas

and all through the house, the kids were all sleeping and full as a Christmas Mouse. The dog was so tired from playing with my parent's dog he was a snorting and a huffing like a big fat hog.

The weekend was busy. Friday we spent with my inlaws and they do a grab bag with a twist. The first person picked grabs a bag and opens it, the next person can steal the gift or get a new one and this goes on and on til the last package is picked. But if you have stolen the same gift 3 times then it is yours to keep and no one can steal it. I won a bag of M&Ms and chocolate.

Saturday morning we went to my parent's house to open gifts with my sister and her DH. They gave me a little bag from The Body Shop that has a little oil burner and some fragranced oil :-)

Then we left my parent's house to go to an Uncle's house and we do a grab bag there. I won a new address book that you use markers on and they are erasable, so when people move you just change the addy :-)

Christmas morning I was real cranky as my "friend" decided to arrive and boy was I bloated and crampy. Was feeling better by the time my parents arrived. I received a Ford Mustang Tshirt with all kinds of Mustangs on it and The Oprah Winfrey 20 years Memorable DVD set. can't wait to watch that :-) My parents were shocked as we bought them a new Dell. They have never used a computer before.
They had brought their 6 month old puppy over and her and my dog played all day. they were hysterical to watch but they were very good.

This morning got up and went to Curves, had to work off what I ate over the weekend :-) Today plan on stitching.

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