Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Dancing Sunday!!!!

I had a busy weekend doing what I wanted to do stitchwise. So my weekends will be Stitch Alongs with FGBB.

I started and finished Lizzie Kate's 4th Of July Flip It. I have 2 more to do of this series.

I also had stitched up this Christmas Mouse a few months ago so I finished him into an ornament. The colors are off since the felt on the back is supposed to be bright red.

I also started and finished Bent Creek January Snows Snapper. I still need to buy snaps for this series.

I finished watching everything that I had DVRd in the past couple of months so I will watch Oprah's 20th Anniversary DVD set, that I got for Christmas.
I feel pretty good accomplishing all of this and can't wait to get back to the model piece today. I have another one as well that will only take a couple of days so I will alternate between the 2, but again no posting of progress or finishes on them.

Thanks Becky for having the FGBB, without them I wouldn't have accomplished so much :-)


Vikki said...

Great job! You really knocked out alot. If that isn't a great weekend then I don't know what is. Do you use the stiff felt for the back of your ornaments? I have and love it. Makes it so much easier.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Wonderful work Shelleen. You really did a lot in a short time.

BeckySC said...

Hi Shell :)
I am so happy to see a post from you and some ativity on the BB :) I miss you when you aren't around-but I understand :) AND, no worries :)

Your finishes look great! Congratulations :)

I posted to you on the BB, but will say it again here-I will send the snaps, as I have something else to send to you......

hugs my friend!

Kali said...

oh these are fabulous!!

Carol said...

All are so cute! Congratulations!

Nancy in IL said...

Turbo needles, Shelleen! You needed a break. Just look what you did in such a short time. They look wonderful!!! Congrats!