Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Small Happy dance

Monday evenings are for sports ornaments, that I stitch for a school's charity. They are due the first Saturday of December and this is my 2nd one done. This is a soccer ball and I also finished it into an ornament so I won't have a whole bunch in November to do.

Yesterday I stitched on Twisted Oaks Designs model piece. Watched Amityville Horror(2005), Jane Doe:Yes, I Remember It Well and 24, which is awesome!
I didn't get any reading time in yesterday but I would like to finish The Twilight Before Christmas, today.


BeckySC said...

Love your commitment to your charity ornie stitching :) Great job, Shelleen :)

Thanks for your help on the US exchange Board :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Another great finish, they are lucky to have your commitment. Can't wait to see the Twisted Oak one. CJ

Nancy in IL said...

Love the soccer ornie. Really cute! Someone's going to love that one!

Valda said...

Love the ornament! Very cute!