Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesday Happenings

well as I said last Friday, things were subject to change. First the Pastor called to see if she had to pick up DS#1 for babysitting. He wasn't written down to babysit and then she realized she forgot to ask him. So i called him at school and told him he was needed for babysitting. So that is what he did. DS#2 came home from school and asked to go to his girlfriends house til about 8 pm. So I dropped him off at 3:30. DH had problems with the car wash at work, and ended up staying til 6 pm. So we didn't go anywheres.
Saturday was running around here and there. DH took me to Applebees for lunch.
Sunday DS#1 and I went to church. DS#2 had spent the night at a friend's house. I picked him up after church and dropped him off at work.
Then I spent the day stitching and watching TV.
I started this magazine mania SALpic at top, on the Friends Gather board. It is from a JCS magazine. I also stitched up a freebie but I can't show it since it is for an exchange :-)
Monday I stitched on a model piece and the page I am doing should be done today. I am praying really hard anyways. DS#1 was inducted into the National Honor Society, last night , at school :-) I am very proud of him.
Today DS#1 and I have a dentist appointment and then I need to get to the PO :-) then away on my stitching.

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