Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My dog is a woos

I accomplished this much stitching today. As you can see I had finished the one section and I have stitched all the white in this last section. Hoping today will be productive as well.

This is my big baby. He is 5 1/2 years old. I adopted him from a shelter when he was 1 1/2. he is a rottie /shepherd mix. Loves my cats and my kids. if company comes he thinks they are here to play with him LOL. Any ways yesterday he had his yearly checkup and shots. So as soon as he sees his leash he knows he is going bye bye. Loves car rides so he is all excited. We pull into the vets and another dog is getting out of a car. A little mini dachsund same color as Dreyx(my dog). They sniff each other and my dog wants to play but the other dog growls a little and barks. So Dreyx backs up a little. We all go into the vets office and they have me weigh Dreyx. he now weighs 99 lbs. Just a little more than the vet wanted but they don't say anyhting. Now is the fun part. They call us back to the examination room and we are walking and all of a sudden I get stopped in my tracks. My dog does not want into the examination room. he has his feet rooted firmly as can be, on linoleum. Fighting with all of his will. So we try to get him into another exam room, same results. We move onto the 3rd room, same thing. We try coaxing him with bones and sweet talk. it is not going to happen. Finally the vet pulls and I am pushing from behind and we get in the room. he is now hiding behind me LOL. He has never done this before so I don't know what his problem is. He gets his shots and since he is already cowered down I have the vet clip his nals, which he hates to have done. One thing I can say is he never growled or tried to bite. Just was a big woos LOL. Now I need to renew his dog license this week.

Anyways after all of that I did stitch quite a bit. Around 4 I got a migraine, from this rainy weather. makes my stomach off so i decide not to go to the women's church meeting. I lay n a dark room for awhile. Ibuprofen just takes the edge off. I decide to try stitching again and did manage to stitch some more.

Linda K asked what my next project will be and I need to finish the LK Flip It Stamps. They are all on one piece of fabric. I only have October, Nov and Dec to stitch on that. it is also a Christmas gift.


  1. What a nice doggie you have!

  2. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Too funny! Silly Dreyx!

  3. Anonymous3:31 PM

    LOL. I luv your dog story. I have too many 'vet' stories to even begin to post about.

    We have gone to the same vet for many years.

    My favorite cat [who is no longer with us - but was spoiled as long as he was alive] used to pee on me when I paid the bill. It happened EVERY time I took him in. I'd have to wear an old shirt over my clothing after his vet visit knowing he'd do that.

    When pets are afraid, they have odd reactions. I'm sure the vet has dealt with that stuff before :D